Immersive Audio with the IKO speaker

This is an exciting moment in spatial audio systems. After our explorations with the Holoplot we were really interested to test out the capabilities of the new IKO speaker by Sonible. This speaker takes a unique approach to creating spatial audio environments by intentionally using room acoustics to fill a space with sound.


The IKO creates beams of sound that purposely reflect off of the walls and ceiling, bouncing sound back towards an audience to create an immersive listening space. In a sense it turns all the surfaces of a room into sound reflectors, resulting in the sensation of the sound coming at you from multiple directions instead of a single source.

IKO_sonible_iem_5_c_sonible gmbh.jpeg

It is a pretty cool surround effect emerging from a single point source. From our perspective the small form factor and easy setup of this speaker is well suited for events. It would be particularly effective in a dome like structure, but can quickly create an immersive surround sound experience in any type of space.