LIFT: directional audio in retail space

We’ve been lucky enough to do some experimenting lately with a new directional audio system, and are excited to share the results.  In collaboration with satis&fy and Holoplot we created LIFT, a series of directional audio experiences that explore the future of sound in retail.   We worked together to consider how sound can be used to create experiences that go beyond the traditional playlist music concept. What else can sound do in a retail space to elevate consumer experience in unique and uncharted ways?  

4-formatOriginal copy.jpg

Holoplot gave us the opportunity to explore these ideas through the use of an innovative directional audio system. This modular speaker uses wave field synthesis to focus multiple beams of sound into a space. Holoplot’s unique technology allows audio to be bundled and focused like a beam of light. Through software control you can aim sounds into different areas opening up opportunities to create uniquely targeted audio experiences.

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.59.04 PM copy.png

Walking through the narrative sonic moments of an athlete’s story, being immersed in a surround sound nature environment, moving between seamlessly beat-matched playlists as you walk across the room…these were just a few of the concepts that we explored. The Holoplot system offers the potential to create uniquely targeted sound experiences and we look forward to utilizing this research as a leaping off point for future projects.