Hoodie Launch elevated with immersive sound.

Working in close collaboration with Kamp Grizzly, Parallel created a custom event soundtrack that helped tell the story of Adidas’ latest addition to their athletic apparel line, the Z.N.E Hoodie. Utilizing a unique mixture of athletic sound effects and musical motifs Parallel’s cinematic sound design heightened visitors’experience by connecting audio to the physical layout of the space. As visitors entered the event location they encountered the swelling cheers of a giant stadium crowd. Once inside, each featured athlete location was paired with corresponding soccer, running, football, or basketball sounds that filled the space with meaningful sound. Special attention was paid to the concept of “no distractions” as sounds boldly erupted from different locations, jumping in and out to illustrate the athletes’ ability to maintain focus under pressure. An adjacent lounge area played back abstract beats while cinematic atmospheres created a sense of cohesiveness throughout the space. The result was a carefully crafted sonic experience that elevated the environment by intentionally connecting with the thematic concepts of Kamp Grizzly’s visual design.