Sound embellishes a trade show journey.

Working in close collaboration with Kamp Grizzly, Parallel created a spatial soundtrack for Adidas’ trade show booth at ComplexCon. Utilizing an orchestrated mixture of sound effects, original score, and existing music, Parallel wove distinct sounds together to entertain visitors as they waited in line to purchase exclusive Adidas streetwear.

As visitors moved through the booth they encountered futuristic sci-fi sounds, the music of N.E.R.D., birds chattering, meditative tones, Japanese train sounds, the urban sounds of a NYC bodega, and a mix of Pusha-T’s music among others.

Every sound connected with a different visual display, creating a pathway of designed audio that expressed each unique location on the journey.

The result was a carefully crafted sonic experience that elevated the environment by intentionally connecting with the thematic concepts of Kamp Grizzly’s visual design.