Habitat Soundscaping
Nature sounds in workspace environments.

Habitat Soundscaping is a new product developed by Plantronics that introduces nature sounds into office environments. This product is an innovative acoustic solution that mitigates distracting conversation and noises while increasing focus and wellness for office workers. Parallel consulted on spatial audio design and created unique content for five different environmental themes: Ocean, Forest Stream, Rain, Marsh, and Waterfall. In each theme, long form and randomized audio event programming allows for different elements to gently enter and exit the space, mimicking the soundscape of a natural environment.  

Birds quietly chirp, ocean waves crash overhead, rain falls, and very occasionally thunder quietly rumbles in the background. The sounds imperceptibly shift and change, constantly refreshing the space. All the audio events are also spatialized so that sounds can pass by overhead increasing a sense of immersive realism.

The result is a completely new and forward thinking product that improves office environments by harnessing the power of natural sound.