Nike House of Innovation
Innovating retail audio in a NYC Flagship.

Parallel has created numerous environmental soundtracks for a variety of campaigns at Nike’s Midtown NYC Flagship. The entire first floor of the store acts as an immersive exhibition space that cycles in completely new experiences multiple times a year. Audio is created specifically to match the overall content and feel of each campaign. Sound is played throughout the first floor, often with multiple channels of audio spatializing across the floor plan through a variety of speaker setups. The recap videos below capture the way in which sound amplifies the experience of the space.

Parallel used the sounds of footfalls and breath to set a rhythmic tempo for the inspiring musical content.  Athlete voices periodically permeated the space, creating an intimate connection with the audience.

Alongside an original musical score and basketball sounds, Parallel also created a custom button that allowed staff to trigger a countdown sound as customers got their picture taken from an array of cameras.

Parallel created a soundtrack that mirrored the sound of machines weaving fly knit fabric while the voices of female designers described their process.

To celebrate the Women's World Cup, crowd sounds and soccer cheers permeated the space along with an ambient musical backdrop and the sounds of game play.

Inspiring music, running, and data sounds interwove through the space, creating a backdrop for the voices of Kipchoge and Kosgei.